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The Synonym of - brunet (adj)

Word Example of - brunet

    Example Sentences for brunet

    Most strongly contrasted externally with the 'Boreal' type is the slight-built Mediterranean brunet.

    He passed the flagman, going like a brunet typhoon ten days overdue.

    In 1823 the animal was seized by the deputy, Brunet, and his assistants, Vermichel and Fourchon.

    The existence of this edition is doubted by Brunet, according to Vicaire.

    General Brunet will hardly be able to digest your hospitality, my Margot; but you may sleep.

    Brunet as an "Inchruler," 26—his description of an Elzevir Cæsar, ib.

    A minute later the fish wagon was ringed about with a hundred brunet fish eaters.

    The impenetrable Brunet picked it up, and returned it to me.

    This book was perhaps the Dialogi decem, put into print at Cologne in 1472: Brunet.

    Brunet's Supplment says the alleged 1612 edition of the Nouvelle France is spurious.

Word Origin & History of - brunet

    Word Origin & History

    brunet "dark-complexioned person," 1887, from Fr. brunet, dim. of brun "brown," which is from a Gmc. source (see brown).

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