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Word Example of - brunt

    Example Sentences for brunt

    It was a distressing time; and poor Jerusha Abbott, being the oldest orphan, had to bear the brunt of it.

    The brunt of the toil, the duty of being pioneer, fell on Mayo.

    The unfortunate Guerrier was also worthy of her title, for she bore the brunt of the battle.

    HIS face then had borne the brunt; hers had been turned away from inquisition.

    We will bear the brunt of it, out of our fatherly affection for you.

    They were never compelled to bear the brunt of the conflict.

    The "Vengeance," too, ran off to windward, leaving the "Richard" and the "Pallas" to bear the brunt of battle.

    HE Flemings bore the first brunt of that war which was to be so cruel and so long.

    Also he wan the castell of Dunbar, and there were slaine at this brunt 15700 Scots.

    Then came in terribly heated words the brunt of her anger at Kate.

Word Origin & History of - brunt

    Word Origin & History

    brunt early 14c., "a sharp blow," of uncertain origin, perhaps from O.N. brundr "sexual heat," or bruna "to advance like wildfire." Meaning "chief force" is first attested 1570s.

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