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Word Example of - brutalize

    Example Sentences for brutalize

    Instead of softening his nature, this intelligence seemed only to harden and brutalize it.

    It is impossible to brutalize the inhabitants of the Philippines!

    Nothing could be better calculated to lower and brutalize the character of a soldier than the offer of £25 for a human scalp.

    Thank God that no attempt has ever been made to brutalize the troops of the Allies.

    Slavery is a curse to the oppressor scarcely less than to the oppressed: its natural tendency is to brutalize both.

    "Useful to brutalize a lot of brave souls who merely sought—" he broke off with a new sense of outrage.

    Oh, why, why had she leagued herself to this evil system where she must brutalize herself to live?

    Every effort was made to brutalize a man, and then he was blamed for not being a St. Bernard.

    It is as absurd to bring them up as spoilt children as it is cruel to brutalize them as beasts of burden.

    God forbid, thought I, that I should brutalize this innocent creature; let her go at her own pace, and let me patiently follow.

Word Origin & History of - brutalize

    Word Origin & History of brutalize

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