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Word Example of - bubble

    Example Sentences for bubble

    She laughed that low laugh of hers that was like the bubble of a spring.

    It was rounded on top, and it could easily be the dome of a bubble.

    So she pricks the boy's bubble, and points him to the one thing needful—God in the soul.

    If you blast a hole in the bubble you'll destroy its energy balance.

    When he comes out into the normal atmosphere the bubble is caught and remains.

    Bubble had had breakfast at half-past six, and had had nothing since.

    But did he,” I asked, “try to prick the bubble of Sunchildism?

    But the whole effect was very cheerful and pleasant, and Bubble was enchanted.

    Money was plentiful in the country, and was so easily obtained, that bubble companies and stock-jobbing had become rife.

    Bubble looked from him to the basin, and back again, with amused perplexity.

Word Origin & History of - bubble

    Word Origin & History

    bubble early 14c. (n.), mid-15c. (v.), perhaps from M.Du. bobbel (n.) and/or M.L.G. bubbeln (v.), all probably of echoic origin. Bubble bath first recorded 1949. Of financial schemes originally in South Sea Bubble (1590s), on notion of "fragile and insubstantial."

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