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Word Example of - buffalo

    Example Sentences for buffalo

    The rhinoceros, the elephant, and even the buffalo can often be turned aside by a shot.

    When his family were ready to depart, I conveyed them to Buffalo in the Sylvania.

    The Indians frequently took Joe with them far up the Arkansas valley on their grand hunts after the buffalo.

    The buffalo and the gibbon are the largest in the islands, with a variety of monkeys.

    At last they captured some Indians and with them the half of a buffalo rump, which they made into a broth.

    The flesh of the buffalo, especially that of the cow, is juicy, and tender in the extreme.

    Soon after the train had started from the Buffalo station conversation began between Mr. Greenleaf and his nephew.

    The tires of the wheels are made of buffalo hide, and put on wet.

    We then went on on high land, and saw many hartebeests and zebra, but did not get one, though a buffalo was knocked over.

    "This young man I'm tellin' about lived in Buffalo," continued the Father.

Word Origin & History of - buffalo

    Word Origin & History

    buffalo 1580s (earlier buffel, 1510s, from M.Fr.), from Port. bufalo "water buffalo," from L. bufalus, var. of bubalus "wild ox," from Gk. boubalos "buffalo," originally a kind of African antelope, later used of a type of domesticated ox in southern Asia and the Mediterranean lands, from bous "ox, cow" (see cow). Wrongly applied since 1630s to the American bison. The verb meaning "to overawe" is from 1903. Buffalo gnat is recorded from 1822.

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