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Word Example of - build

    Example Sentences for build

    An' all the people who helped to make all them things you used to build with, they're all here too.

    He'd build it for the farmer and have some business sense about it.

    He gives them, later, just earth enough to build a house on.

    If you wanted to build a house, of what should you build it?

    Is that the force that is to build the future and fashion the city of our dreams?

    Can you tell me, Achang, why they build their houses on piles in this country?

    The first thing must be to build a ship from 95 to 100 yards in length.

    How much does it cost to build one of these houses, Mr. Frôler?

    We close our windows in the winter and build a fire; they do the same.

    How long will it take you to build a wall that will go round our City?

Word Origin & History of - build

    Word Origin & History

    build late O.E. byldan "construct a house," verb form of bold "house," from P.Gmc. *buthlam (cf. O.Fris. bodel "building, house"), from PIE *bhu- "to dwell," from base *bheue- "to be, exist, grow." Rare in O.E.; in M.E. it won out over more common O.E. timbran. Modern spelling is unexplained.

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