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Word Example of - built-in

    Example Sentences for built-in

    There were built-in bathtubs, but they usually lacked hot and cold running water, so hot water usually had to carried up to them.

    This suit's got a built-in recorder, I might as well use it.

    There's a built-in cupboard over at the other side, where you can keep your things!

    A bath, faintly scented, in a built-in tub in her own marble bathroom.

    The built-in tabulators of to-day, with but two exceptions, are deficient in this respect.

    There was a built-in order to return, after the lapse of a certain time period.

    He shifted uneasily on the built-in seat, and got a splinter in a vital spot.

    There is no shelving or other built-in furniture to indicate the use of the cellar.

    At a built-in desk, before a battery of instruments, sat Farrell, the captain of the ship.

    It contained a built-in bunk, besides, in which Mrs. Duval slept.

Word Origin & History of - built-in

    Word Origin & History of built-in

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