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Word Example of - bulky

    Example Sentences for bulky

    He made reforms; he also took In hand the bulky Doomsday book.

    Though the body is bulky, it is yet light, and easily sustained by the wings.

    Senator Markham, the bulky, red-faced Chairman greeted them.

    No bird would be likely to carry about such a bulky thing as that.

    At last the cave is pronounced spick and span, and the doorway thought wide enough to admit the bulky prey.

    Wood is used in many places, but is too bulky and expensive.

    They are very heavy and bulky in proportion to their food value; so you cannot afford to be burdened with any but the best.

    When she had a bulky package she sealed it and addressed it to Kurt.

    Then, with the bulky envelope in an inner pocket, and accompanied by Seaman Runkle, Totten went over the side.

    It represents a sort of nut, itself too bulky for a railway truck.

Word Origin & History of - bulky

    Word Origin & History

    bulky mid-15c., from bulk + -y (2).

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