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Word Example of - bull

    Example Sentences for bull

    It was at Samoa that one such navigator landed a bull and a cow.

    McDonald seemed to be inclined to think that it was a bull and that I ought to shoot.

    She became a cow, and the other a bull; from them kine were produced.

    A parson might be bound by custom to keep a bull and a boar for the use of his parish.

    Mark started back instinctively; and Bull sneered as he saw it.

    "You certainly hit the bull's eye that time," was Rhoda's comment.

    On the next day after lunch the Games Committee met in "the Bull's" study.

    I took the mast, which had a thong of bull's-hide round it, and tied it to the keel.

    And so he shut his mouth, and meditated profitably on the subject of bull dogs.

    But that tiger does not wait for the charge of the bull buffaloes.

Word Origin & History of - bull

    Word Origin & History

    bull O.E. bula "a bull, a steer," or O.N. boli "bull," both from P.Gmc. *bullon- (cf. M.Du. bulle, Ger. Bulle), perhaps from a Gmc. verbal stem meaning "to roar," which survives in some Ger. dialects and perhaps in the first element of boulder (q.v.). The other possibility is that it is from PIE *bhln-, from base *bhel- (2) "to blow, swell" (see bole). An uncastrated male, reared for breeding, as opposed to a bullock or steer. Extended after 1610s to males of other large animals (elephant, alligator, whale, etc.). Bullfrog is from 1738, on resemblance of voice. Stock market sense is from 1714. ...Bulldyke is from 1926 (see dyke). Bullheaded "obstinate" is from 1818. Phrase to take the bull by the horns first recorded 1711.

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