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Word Example of - bulletin

    Example Sentences for bulletin

    Paddock, in the bulletin previously mentioned, pictures two of these tools and these are reproduced in Fig. 52.

    It took the second bulletin with particulars to convince them.

    Not all of the bulletin is reproduced, but the parts republished are transcribed verbatim.

    This was the first bulletin to the country and to the world of this memorable event.

    When the Bulletin was off the press, the pad, with its written inscription, caught his eye and he shoved it into a side pocket.

    It will quadruple the present circulation of the Bulletin in a week.

    When you took hold of the Bulletin, your best friends only gave you two months, But are you making any money?

    Well, Johnson, what do you think of my first issue of the Bulletin?

    This Bulletin cannot be obtained free, as the bureau sells nearly all its publications.

    Bobby, as calmly as he could, went on with his perusal of the Bulletin.

Word Origin & History of - bulletin

    Word Origin & History

    bulletin 1765, from Fr. bulletin (16c.), modeled on It. bulletino, dim. of bulletta "document, voting slip," itself a dim. of L. bulla (see bull (2)). The word was used earlier in English in the Italian form (mid-17c.). Popularized by their use in the Napoleonic Wars as the name for dispatches sent from the front meant for the home public (which led to the proverbial expression as false as a bulletin). Bulletin board is from 1831.

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