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Word Example of - bump-off

    Example Sentences for bump

    The pole seemed to have magnetic qualities and the result was "Bump."

    "Bump them off, of course, as Johnny so prettily puts it," yawned Sadie languidly.

    I want to see as much as I can of you to-day, because to-night there is the Bump Supper, and to-morrow morning, alas!

    "Bump," it went up against a telephone pole and the wind left it there.

    Bump came Edward's foot against the door, making them all shriek.

    I dreamt last night that you picked a rose from the middle of my Bump.

    Bump he went against the ceiling, and I knew then why he was all over white on the more salient curves and angles of his person.

    Bump it in the carburetor enough times, rake it with shrapnel, and it begins to lose its first freshness.

Word Origin & History of - bump-off

    Word Origin & History

    bump 1610s, verb and noun, perhaps from Scandinavian, probably echoic, original sense was "hitting" then of "swelling from being hit." Also has a long association with obsolete bum "to make a booming noise," which perhaps influenced surviving senses like bumper crop, for something full to the brim. To bump into "meet" is from 1880s; to bump off "kill" is 1908 in underworld slang.