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What is a better word for bundle? What's another word for bundle? What are 5 "bundle synonyms"? How can I replace the word bundle? What is the meaning of bundle in English?

Word Example of - bundle

    Example Sentences for bundle

    They all carried shields on their arms and a bundle of assegais in their hands.

    To these may be added a bundle of hides or mats, and an iron pot.

    Deerslayer took the bundle the girl gave him, and unrolling it, he found the board within.

    These they tied up in a bundle, after each had secured one for his own use.

    When it was time to start for the station I retired quietly to the stable and uncovered my bundle.

    Helga tucked the bundle under her arm and threw it on the bed in her room.

    Fancy picking up a man and telling him that he is a noun, a dead thing rather than a bundle of functions!

    In order to make some splints a bundle of laths was brought up from the cart-house.

    The Head Man had put that bundle on the man hisself when he was a little bit of a feller.

    You're simply a bundle of irritable nerves, my dear chap, and that's the truth.

Word Origin & History of - bundle

    Word Origin & History

    bundle early 14c., from M.Du. bondel, dim. of bond, from binden "bind," or perhaps a merger of this word and O.E. byndele "binding," from P.Gmc. base *bundilin (cf. Ger. bündel "to bundle"), from PIE base *bhendh- "tie." The verb is recorded from 1620s; meaning "to wrap up in warm heavy clothes" is from 1893. Related: Bundled. Bundling (1781) "sharing a bed for the night, fully dressed, wrapped up with someone of the opposite sex" was a former local custom in Wales and New England.