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Word Example of - bungle

    Example Sentences for bungle

    Well, well have to admit we made a bungle of the affair all around, teased Tom.

    "I made a false step there; but it was just like me to bungle," continued Gaston.

    Chub would be willing enough, but he would only bungle things.

    In the first place she'll be sorry for you, because you will make such a bungle of it.

    The Pomeranian was too scared, and Bungle and Popocatepetl were too angry.

    He must understand his position, so as not to bungle the thing.

    If they bungle such little cases so badly, what must they do when a really serious crime is committed?

    In the course of the following morning she tried to do so, and made a bungle of it.

    There, now thou knows thy business; but don't bring her to the camp, and don't get drunk and bungle the whole thing.

    She would not bungle over it like a great, awkward fellow like himself.

Word Origin & History of - bungle

    Word Origin & History

    bungle 1520s, origin obscure, perhaps a mix of boggle and bumble, or more likely from a Scandinavian word akin to Swed. bangla "to work ineffectually," from O.Swed. bunga "to strike" (cf. Ger. Bengel "cudgel," also "rude fellow"). Related: Bungled; bungler; bungling.

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