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Word Example of - burden

    Example Sentences for burden

    The ant at last met one of his companions, who was also carrying a burden.

    She had not realized how heavy her burden was until Uncle Denny had come to share it.

    Such a thing would be too heavy a burden for any human spirit.

    They swung it on a pole, and trotted along with their load as though it had been no burden at all.

    For all that the potatoes worried Jacky more than George's burden him.

    No matter how high may be their station, the aged and decrepit are counted a burden.

    There was a touch of irony in the tone, to the only one there who had the key to its burden.

    Who is bearing the burden of this enormous increase of fictitious wealth?

    Seizing the opportunity, he had hastily divested himself of his own boot and had added that to the page's burden.

    You are trying to bear the burden of all—have you counted the cost?

Word Origin & History of - burden

    Word Origin & History

    burden O.E. byrðen "a load, weight, charge, duty;" also "a child;" from P.Gmc. *burthinjo "that which is borne" (cf. O.N. byrðr, O.S. burthinnia, Ger. bürde, Goth. baurþei), from PIE *bher- (1) "carry, give birth." The shift from -th- to -d- took place beginning 12c. (cf. murder). Archaic burthen is occasionally retained for the specific sense of "capacity of a ship." Burden of proof is recorded from 1590s.

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