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    Example Sentences for burke

    And I set out to go to the burying, and Mrs. Burke along with me.

    I should be content to withdraw with my Burke into the majority.

    But Burke, apart from his fears, had a constitutional love for old things, simply because they were old.

    The young Irishman was back in his college classics with his countryman Burke.

    Mr. Gladstone declared that Burke was directly responsible for the war with France, for "Pitt could not have resisted him."

    Burke's ancient essay "On the Sublime" is hard reading, but has its rewards.

    Burke humorously remarked to a friend of Paine and himself, "We hunt in pairs."

    They followed the banks of a river which Burke named the Cloncurry.

    Burke set the breakfast, but the stranger would not touch it until noon, as it was Friday.

    "You need not be alarmed, Mrs. Burke," he said, as she dashed up.

Word Origin & History of - burke

    Word Origin & History

    Burke family name (first recorded 1066), from Anglo-Norman pronunciation of O.E. burgh. Not common in England itself, but it took root in Ireland, where William de Burgo went in 1171 with Henry II and later became Earl of Ulster. As shorthand for a royalty reference book, it represents "A General and Heraldic Dictionary of the Peerage and Baronetage of the United Kingdom," first issued 1826, compiled by John Burke (1787-1848). As a verb meaning "murder by smothering," it is abstracted from William Burk, executed in Edinburgh 1829 for murdering several persons to sell their bodies for dissection.