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Word Example of - burn

    Example Sentences for burn

    But if they cannot contain, let them marry: for it is better to marry than to burn.

    It will not burn, and it will not carry heat to make other things burn.

    "Cuss-an'-burn the blasted ole smooth-bore," said Fortner, contemptuously.

    The object of this is to see how hot the oil must be before it gives off a vapor which will burn.

    They burn, they destroy the dwellings in which he has taken up his abode.

    "Don't you burn your fingers with other people's fire," said Aurora, sharply.

    Maybe it'll take twenty-four hours to hide it all, and burn the wagons.

    But will the brilliant flame within him burn with steadiness?

    When kindled, O Agni, burn down like dry brushwood, the man who exercises malice against us.

    Lethbridge will have money to burn if he likes the aroma of the smoke.

Word Origin & History of - burn

    Word Origin & History of burn

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