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The Synonym of - bursar (noun)

Word Example of - bursar

    Example Sentences for bursar

    Since you are bursar for the lunch, said the secretary, I will buy the ferry tickets, and he did so.

    I do not know how far you are in the right about guessing at a Bursar: Tim.

    Besides these, there were service-books in the charge of the bursar (thesaurarius), and song-books in that of the precentor.

    Suppose he went to the Bursar, obtained an exeat, fled straight to London!

    To the board of every Bursar, other than those in the classes of Theology and Medicine, twenty pounds.

    Not seeing him anywhere, he found the bursar and inquired for Dr. Claudius.

    "The bursar of Trinity shall be a proverb for a good fellow that loveth his lush," hiccoughed out Fegan.

    Into the archway leading to the Bursar's room and to East Dormitory, or through the opening to the quad?

    No bursar of a college or housekeeper of a school can fail to read it with a sympathetic smile.

    The Cellarer was in fact the steward of the house; his modern representative is the bursar of a college.

Word Origin & History of - bursar

    Word Origin & History

    bursar "treasurer of a college," 1580s, from Anglo-L. burser "treasurer" (13c.), from M.L. bursarius "purse-bearer," from bursa (see purse).

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