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Word Example of - bursary

    Example Sentences for bursary

    But I found a very necessary stimulus in the details of the examination for the bursary.

    A bursary is what an English undergraduate would call a "Schol."

    He was also fortunate enough to hold a bursary in St. Leonard's College, which, however, is a blunder.

    His father died while he was still at college; but a bursary enabled him to complete his four years of study.

    I competed for a bursary, and was fortunate enough to secure one.

    During the first session of attendance at the University, he gained two prizes and a bursary on Archbishop Leighton's foundation.

    For such heresy he ought to be sent with a bursary to a seminary for priests—but enough of that.

    With some financial scheming, and the presentation of a bursary, Camille was entered a student at the college of Louis-le-Grand.

    He lost his bursary on the way home with it, and still he strutted.

    My present impression is that Spalding took the first bursary.

Word Origin & History of - bursary

    Word Origin & History of bursary

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