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The Synonym of - bust (verb)

Word Example of - bust

    Example Sentences for bust

    "Rope him, and put a saddle on him and bust him," they called resoundingly.

    Startled by the fall of the bust, he had fled for refuge to the bottom of the alcove.

    The cause—the fust cause—the great cause—the cause of our being a nation—the nation; yes, bust me, the nation—is—what?

    Spect nothin' but they'll bust the walls o' that little house some day.

    "Then I'll bust Cresswell's head for him inside of twenty-four hours," exclaimed Sanders.

    Under the shadow of this bust Hilary rested his forehead on his hand.

    He had a great admiration for Fox, and expressed a wish to have his bust.

    Presently their legs were hidden, and Ugh-lomi was but a bust of silver.

    But very moderately affluent gentlemen can afford a statue or a bust.

    In this bust we see the psychological functions of the brain.

Word Origin & History of - bust

    Word Origin & History of - bust

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