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Word Example of - butcher

    Example Sentences for butcher

    Thompson kept one of the stores, while Cleveland was proprietor of the butcher shop.

    Just how do I profit, please, if I butcher myself to make your Roman holiday?

    In December following, he and another person robbed a butcher on horseback, on the road coming from Hampstead.

    It was said, a few years ago, that a Plantagenet was a butcher in a suburb of London.

    The market for butcher's meat is almost everywhere confined to the country which produces it.

    The doctor's cabin was like a butcher's shop in these bird-catching times.

    "Eat a butcher's shop full, if you like," replied Philip with contempt.

    These were formerly no more to me than meat to a butcher's dog.

    Small wonder was it that Santa Anna was often termed the Mexican butcher.

    It is better that sixty men die than that The Butcher escape.

Word Origin & History of - butcher

    Word Origin & History

    butcher c.1300, from Anglo-Norm. boucher, from O.Fr. bochier "butcher, executioner," probably lit. "slaughterer of goats" (12c., Mod.Fr. boucher), from bouc "male goat," from Frank. *bukk (see buck (n.1)) or Celtic *bukkos "he-goat." Related: Butchered; butchering. Figurative sense of "brutal murderer" is attested from 1520s. The verb is recorded from 1560s.