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Word Example of - butter-up

    Example Sentences for butter

    Rub it over with a piece of butter, strew it with a little chopped sage and a few bread crumbs, and roast it in a Dutch oven.

    It consisted of a bowl of potatoes, salt, the loaf and butter, and a pitcher of water.

    Loose my dumpling too; And butter'd toasts and woodcocks?Mar.

    We supply most of the boats in the West; there's hardly a pound of butter on one of them.

    Bring to the boil a cupful of water and a tablespoonful of butter.

    Stronger than any other kind of butter, He goes his way calmly, without a flutter.

    Of course, if I had my bread and butter and cigars to earn, 'twould be different.

    Break into pieces a young chicken and put it in the saucepan with a piece of butter.

    Melt the butter and when slightly brown add the milk and seasoning.

    The filet can also be larded with bacon and cooked in butter and Marsala only.

Word Origin & History of - butter-up

    Word Origin & History

    butter O.E. butere "butter," general W.Gmc. (cf. O.Fris., O.H.G. butera, Ger. Butter, Du. boter), an early loan-word from L. butyrum "butter" (cf. It. burro, O.Fr. burre, Fr. beurre), from Gk. boutyron, perhaps lit. "cow-cheese," from bous "ox, cow" + tyros "cheese;" but this may be a folk etymology of a Scythian word. The product was used from an early date in India, Iran and northern Europe, but not in ancient Greece and Rome. Herodotus described it (along with cannabis) among the oddities of the Scythians. The verb is O.E. buterian; figurative meaning "to flatter lavishly" is from 1816. Butter-fingered attested from 1610s.

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