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Word Example of - buttering-up

    Example Sentences for buttering

    "That's poor old Hoky all right," murmured the Governor, buttering a piece of toast reflectively.

    "He is buttering the bread of millions upon millions," said Mr. Stistick.

    These very fine words, however, seem to have utterly failed in buttering the Cuban parsnips.

    Then I would imitate the acts of cutting the slices and buttering them.

    "Cooks are sometimes very peculiar," observed Mr. Stott, buttering his pancakes lavishly.

    After buttering slab and bars, pour the candy into the enclosure.

    Jennie was back at her buttering again; apparently he was to do the telling.

    "The news of the war, Uncle John," added Beth, buttering her toast.

    Caroline did not answer her husband immediately, but went on buttering her toast, and sipping her tea.

    However, when I got into the buttering part, it took them by storm.

Word Origin & History of - buttering-up

    Word Origin & History

    butter O.E. butere "butter," general W.Gmc. (cf. O.Fris., O.H.G. butera, Ger. Butter, Du. boter), an early loan-word from L. butyrum "butter" (cf. It. burro, O.Fr. burre, Fr. beurre), from Gk. boutyron, perhaps lit. "cow-cheese," from bous "ox, cow" + tyros "cheese;" but this may be a folk etymology of a Scythian word. The product was used from an early date in India, Iran and northern Europe, but not in ancient Greece and Rome. Herodotus described it (along with cannabis) among the oddities of the Scythians. The verb is O.E. buterian; figurative meaning "to flatter lavishly" is from 1816. Butter-fingered attested from 1610s.