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The Synonym of - buzzer (noun)

Word Example of - buzzer

    Example Sentences for buzzer

    Just as he removed his last garment, the buzzer sounded again.

    "I've got a buzzer under one of the treads of the stairs," said the colonel.

    Pretty soon the buzzer on the door sounded, and I opened it to find a messenger-boy with a large brown paper parcel.

    He pressed a buzzer and the secretary came hurrying from his stateroom.

    The buzzer continued its heavy droning, and the telephone started up again.

    In about twenty minutes the buzzer on my pix-box sounded, and I depressed the key.

    Connect the telegraph key, the buzzer and the dry cell in series and then shunt them around the grid condenser.

    Well, then, why should they hand you anything but the buzzer?

    It was like this: One mornin' I'm in my old place behind the brass rail, at the jump-end of the buzzer.

    Jim heard a buzzer and then the voice of a clerk, "Yes, sir."

Word Origin & History of - buzzer

    Word Origin & History

    buzzer c.1600, "buzzing insect," agent noun from buzz. Of mechanical devices, from 1870 (steam-powered at first; electric mechanisms so called from 1884).

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