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Word Example of - bypass

    Example Sentences for bypass

    Between the three of them they managed to bypass the wires to the plastic plate and set the bed over it.

    They had to pull off to bypass a wagon and the carriage sank to the hubs.

    Like that Bypass person up at old Boom Bagshaw's, only much nicer and younger and friendlier than she is.

    It didn't matter whether he found the bypass circuit or not.

    At will we pass it into our distant motors, allowing some to escape back in this direction through a bypass.

    Had to bypass him, because as he went through this way, Oswald went through this way and ducked into the theatre there.

    And the presence of the capital has set up other special currents of influence and sympathy that bypass normal political channels.

    The gas passes from the generator through the pipe J and seal-pot D, or bypass F, to the gasholder.

    We planned to bypass the Medicouncil and take our case directly to the Solar Government.

    If the bypass is pulled wide open, the motors beyond do not turn; for the oil fails to reach them.

Word Origin & History of - bypass

    Word Origin & History

    bypass 1848, of certain pipes in a gasworks, from by + pass. First used 1922 for "road for the relief of congestion;" fig. sense is from 1928. The heart operation was first so-called 1957.

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