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Word Example of - cab

    Example Sentences for cab

    But soon she threw herself back in the cab, which rolled off.

    She hurried down the steps to the cab, turned and threw him a kiss.

    A cab drove past him, and stopped before the house which he had just left.

    It was the only cab in sight and we packed into and outside of it, not two but eight.

    It shook the cab as it resumed its revolving with a sputter and a cough in the muffler.

    Paddy told him the minute he got in the cab she wouldn't never stand it.

    Miss Davenport slipped the paper into her pocket and returned to the cab.

    I couldn't imagine what was up, but I made my best endeavors to get a cab.

    In the cab she drooped against him with a simplicity of exhaustion that was full, too, of content.

    So the Frenchman got into the cab and went up with him to town.

Word Origin & History of - cab

    Word Origin & History

    cab 1826, "light, horse-drawn carriage," shortening of cabriolet (1763), from Fr. cabriolet (18c.), dim. of cabrioler "leap, caper" (16c./17c.), from It. capriolare "jump in the air," from L. capreolus "wild goat, roebuck." The carriages had springy suspensions. Extended to hansoms and other types of carriages, then extended to similar parts of locomotives (1859). Applied especially to public horse carriages, then to automobiles-for-hire (1899) when these replaced them. Cabby/cabbie is from 1859 (see taxi).

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