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Word Example of - cabinet

    Example Sentences for cabinet

    The younger members of the Cabinet agreed to leave the decision to Morley.

    The members of the Cabinet started in their seats and looked at each other.

    They like her whimsically, if you will, and somewhat as a virtuoso dotes upon his cabinet.

    You were present when the subject was brought before the Cabinet?

    The usual formality of searching the room and examining the fastenings having been gone through, Miss Cook entered the cabinet.

    The President and his Cabinet were as yet strangers to each other.

    He is by office a privy councillor, and it has long been the practice to make him a peer and also a cabinet minister.

    Then Lincoln summoned his cabinet again, September 22, 1862.

    Kathleen next handed a slightly handsomer badge, but with exactly the same device, to the members of her Cabinet.

    Discussion in the Cabinet: general approval; slight modification only.

Word Origin & History of - cabinet

    Word Origin & History

    cabinet 1540s, from M.Fr. cabinet "small room" (16c.), dim. of O.Fr. cabane "cabin" (see cabin); perhaps influenced by (or rather, from) It. gabbinetto, dim. of gabbia, from L. cavea "stall, stoop, cage, den for animals." Sense of "private room where advisors meet" (c.1600) led to modern political meaning (1640s); cf. board in its evolution from place where some group meets to the word for the group that meets there.

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