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Word Example of - caddy

    Example Sentences for caddy

    I have not counted Mr. Woodcourt among our visitors because he was now Caddy's regular attendant.

    After all, think of Caddy's grit; think of her fine constitution!

    Her father-in-law was extremely kind and considerate, Caddy told me, and they lived most happily together.

    I will go and boil the kettle, and make the tea; please give me the keys of the caddy.'

    Now since the sugar bowl was a part of the tea caddy, the use of the caddy spoon or scoop became immediately popular.

    In this country, caddy spoons came into use after the Revolution.

    Then Caddy hung upon her father and nursed his cheek against hers as if he were some poor dull child in pain.

    In two cases, I have seen the spoon made to match the caddy.

    If Id met a caddy it would have been all up with him then and there; Id have picked his little bones quite clean.

    You shake the caddy when you can't hit the ball: new rule of golf.

Word Origin & History of - caddy

    Word Origin & History

    caddy "small box for tea," 1792, from Malay kati a weight equivalent to about a pound and a third (in English from 1590s as catty), adopted as a standard mid-18c. by British companies in the East Indies. Apparently the word for a measure of tea was transferred to the chest it was carried in.

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