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What is a better word for cage? What's another word for cage? What are 5 "cage synonyms"? How can I replace the word cage? What is the meaning of cage in English?

Word Example of - cage

    Example Sentences for cage

    Then she took the cage outside the back-gate, and opened mousie's door.

    The cage ascended very slowly, and Lennard did see for himself.

    While he was eating the banana, I took the gorilla from the cage and set him on the ground by it.

    The sinewy tail beat a restless tattoo on the floor of the cage.

    “I had no notion you were a boy till you touched my cage,” said the old parrot.

    You are due to sit in your cage, stammered Wayne, comprehending.

    She took a cage from the window and placed it on the counter.

    They are a male and a female; the male is in the first cage, and the female is in that behind.

    Therefore I decided to bait the cage for them this very night—Look!

    Here we have hung the cage of a canary that sings as if he was crazy.

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    Word Origin & History of cage

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