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The Synonym of - caisson (noun)

Word Example of - caisson

    Example Sentences for caisson

    Teams, after pulling out one caisson, had to go back to assist another.

    The men were down in the road, lifting the horses, dragging with them at gun and caisson.

    The tilt or level of the caisson was controlled by chopping the posts more on the side which was desired to move first.

    A caisson was struck, exploded with frightful glare and sound.

    The caisson fell in the train, but the pieces with the 59th Indiana, Colonel Alexander, were left for a rear guard.

    It has two wheels, and carries ammunition the same as the caisson.

    Battery A, Fourth regulars, had a caisson blown up, one man killed and four wounded.

    In another chapter we shall see how the caisson is operated.

    The enemy had again outflanked us, and the men lifted me on a caisson.

    You cannot go into the caisson unless you are sound of heart and stout of body.

Word Origin & History of - caisson

    Word Origin & History

    caisson 1704, from Fr. caisson "ammunition wagon, box, crate," from M.Fr. caisson "large box" (16c.), from It. cassone, augmentive form of cassa "a chest," from L. capsa "a box" (see case (2)).

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