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Word Example of - cajole

    Example Sentences for cajole

    He endeavoured to cajole both parties; but found the task impracticable.

    She tried to argue, to cajole, and to appear defiant, but all was useless.

    Then Melanie, being in want of three hundred francs for the morrow, had taken advantage of the opportunity to cajole the captain.

    You cannot cajole it put of me, you cannot steal it from me.

    Majors and colonels and even generals had to flatter and cajole tradesmen.

    It takes something more than words to cajole them to do our will, to cover us with glory.

    He'll be pleased with your purpose-like, straightforward manner, while he'd reject flatly any attempt to influence or cajole him.

    It was as if they were all leagued in a conspiracy to deceive and cajole.

    "He thinks to cajole me," whispered the fell demon Distrust, and her heart changed to steel.

    Then when I try to cajole them into the henhouse they fly all ways.

Word Origin & History of - cajole

    Word Origin & History

    cajole 1640s, from Fr. cajoler "to cajole, wheedle, coax," perhaps a blend of M.Fr. cageoler "to chatter like a jay" (16c., from gajole, southern dim. of geai "jay"), and O.Fr. gaioler "to cage, entice into a cage" (see jail).

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