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Word Example of - cajolery

    Example Sentences for cajolery

    He was by nature a flatterer; and few women could withstand the cajolery of his green eyes, and of his charming smile.

    They can resist appeals to their dearest prejudices and all kinds of cajolery.

    She was wholly feminine, and hence there was in her a trace of cajolery which she now used.

    John went back to the house with no concealment and no cajolery.

    Quit when you like and make it up with cajolery was a motto that Elliott had found very useful.

    Stand off, sir; cajolery will not do your work any more than threats.

    All her life, strength had been her idol, and the weakness that bent to her cajolery her scorn.

    This cajolery took effect, and the Widow Vereker's soul softened.

    Had bribery been employed, had force been used, had threats or intimidation, persuasion or cajolery polluted the voters?

    Blinded by vanity, he was flattered and deceived by her cajolery.

Word Origin & History of - cajolery

    Word Origin & History

    cajolery 1640s, from Fr. cajolerie "persuasion by flattery" (16c.), from cajoler (see cajole).

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