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Word Example of - calamitous

    Example Sentences for calamitous

    In proportion as I drew near the city, the tokens of its calamitous condition became more apparent.

    Sire, I ask your majesty's pardon for the calamitous news which I bring.

    The accumulated effect of the calamitous recital was to stun her.

    But, as to France, I have no doubt in saying that to her it will be calamitous.

    In 1284, during Giovanni Dandolos reign, a calamitous inundation had plunged the people into misery.

    The most sanguine could not but fear that we were entering a calamitous period.

    I am doomed again to hear this ill-omened, this calamitous word!

    This is entirely untrue, and if true the fact would be calamitous.

    This greatness and awfulness of the sin of Eve are the pregnant causes of all the calamitous punishments which we endure.

    Learning languished in the calamitous decades which followed.

Word Origin & History of - calamitous

    Word Origin & History

    calamitous 1540s, from Fr. calamiteux (16c.), from L. calamitosus "causing loss, destructive," from calamitas (see calamity).

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