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Word Example of - calamity

    Example Sentences for calamity

    Especially in the representation of Mr. Peggotty's profound grief, under what is to him so appalling a calamity.

    We shall not hand down to our children this heritage of calamity.

    Of course we laughed at his calamity, and he thought we should not encourage such things by laughing at them.

    Don't you comprehend that my nephew, as he confronts me to-day, is not a calamity, but a plague?

    This calamity came upon us gradually, long before the present war, and will last long after that has died away.

    I fear, I fear greatly, miss, that some calamity may occur on board this ship to-night.

    No, Sans-Souci, consolation for such a calamity is impossible.

    The calamity that most commonly befalls the comune is a drought, or the fear of a drought.

    Calamity leant across the table till his face almost touched the other's.

    I call this accident fortunate; she regards it as a calamity.

Word Origin & History of - calamity

    Word Origin & History

    calamity early 15c., from M.Fr. calamite (14c.), from L. calamitatem (nom. calamitas) "damage, loss, failure; disaster, misfortune, adversity," origin obscure. L. writers associated it with calamus "straw," but it is perhaps from a lost root preserved in incolumis "uninjured."

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