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What is a better word for calculator? What's another word for calculator? What are 5 "calculator synonyms"? How can I replace the word calculator? What is the meaning of calculator in English?

The Synonym of - calculator (noun)

Word Example of - calculator

    Example Sentences for calculator

    He now had a little data upon which to work, and his fingers were flying over the keys of the calculator.

    She had a figure like an ironing board and the soul of a Ramsden calculator.

    Andries is shrewd, if he be no calculator; and I dare to say he has engaged a suitable man.

    Yard after yard of calculator paper was filled with equations and computations.

    It was round, with a small, rectangular projection for the operator's controls and calculator.

    He strode to the desk, reached out one hand and drew a calculator near.

    A calculator in an observatory could not compute the position of his planet with greater accuracy.

    "Now you're making a joke," Meta said serenely as she fed a figure into the calculator.

    Mel had decided at the time it had to do with voltage regulation of the calculator since there had been trouble with it.

    Then she fed more figures into the calculator and handed the result to Ato.

Word Origin & History of - calculator

    Word Origin & History

    calculator late 14c., "mathematician, one who calculates," from L. calculator, from calculatus, pp. of calculare "to reckon, compute," from calculus (see calculus). Of mechanical adding machine contraptions, from 1784. Of electronic ones, from 1946."Electronic calculator uses 18,000 tubes to solve complex problems" ["Scientific American" headline, June 1946]