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Word Example of - call

    Example Sentences for call

    After a death the friends of the family should call in person inside of a month.

    About five o'clock he started off to call on Pen, and tell her about the Secretary's letter.

    He cares nothing, for example, for what we call the beauties of nature.

    "You politicians—" she began, when she was interrupted by a call at the door.

    It can call its preachers from among the fishermen, and raise them to power.

    Shall he alone, whom rational we call, Be pleased with nothing, if not blessed with all?

    The call was responded to enthusiastically, every man standing.

    The Big Boss, as he loved to call Jim, was looking very tired.

    Go to the theatre, and see one of these things they call plays.

    She called them the Montmorencys, when she did not call them the Large Family.

Word Origin & History of - call

    Word Origin & History

    call O.E. ceallian "to call, shout," less common than clipian; replaced by related O.N. kalla "to cry loudly," from P.Gmc. *kallojanan (cf. Du. kallen "to talk," O.H.G. kallon "to call"), from PIE base *gal- "to call, scream, shriek, shout" (cf. Skt. garhati "bewail, criticize;" L. gallus "cock;" O.H.G. klaga, Ger. Klage "complaint, grievance, lament, accusation;" O.E. clacu "affront;" O.C.S. glasu "voice," glagolu "word;" Welsh galw "call"). As a noun, from early 14c. Meaning "to give a name to" is mid-13c. Coin-toss sense is from 1801. Meaning "to visit" (M.E.) was literally "to stand at the ...door and call;" noun sense of "a short formal visit" is from 1862. Telephone/telegraph sense is from 1889. To call out someone to fight (1823) corresponds to Fr. provoqueur. To call it a day is from 1834.

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