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Word Example of - cancel

    Example Sentences for cancel

    One paper asked what I would give to "cancel that fatal admission."

    If civil words can cancel aught of our indebtedness I shall not be sparing of them.

    She must, therefore, he thought, cancel her debt by her hand.

    Undignified to cancel ultimatum, so declare war on said ally.

    And I must school myself to cancel all plans beginning “If she will—if only.”

    Would you not pay a pretty fine to be able to cancel some of them?

    Promise me you will insert it, though I myself should ask you to cancel it.'

    It is, therefore, difficult for Germany to cancel her blockade policy.

    After breakfast I broached the subject to Denis; I begged him to allow me to cancel our play by tearing up the cheque.

    As I have said, it will be quite impossible for me ever to cancel so heavy a debt; but what I can do I will.

Word Origin & History of - cancel

    Word Origin & History

    cancel late 14c., "cross out with lines," from Anglo-Fr. canceler, from L. cancellare "to make resemble a lattice," which in L.L. took on a sense "cross out something written" by marking it with crossed lines, from cancelli, pl. of cancellus "lattice, grating," dim. of cancer "crossed bars, lattice," a var. of carcer "prison." Figurative use, "to nullify an obligation" is from mid-15c. Related: Canceled (also cancelled); cancelling.

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