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What is a better word for cancellation? What's another word for cancellation? What are 5 "cancellation synonyms"? How can I replace the word cancellation? What is the meaning of cancellation in English?

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    I had a memoranda of the date of the cancellation of the $30,000 warrant issued to him as treasurer of the Agricultural College.

    War, it was reasoned, would cause the cancellation of these obligations.

    A woman cannot contract another marriage within six months from the dissolution or cancellation of her former marriage.

    This is good as a review of cancellation, and as an extension of the idea of a fraction.

    Declarations of the testator to the effect that he intended to revoke the will, will not be sufficient to prove a cancellation.

    And a worse penalty might be inflicted, the cancellation of my shooting-licence.

    All Nagendra had to do was to file a petition praying for the cancellation of the sale, and it could not fail to be granted.

    The method of cancellation used in that country is crude but effective.

    At the same time he advised the cancellation of the Joint Occupation Treaty.

    I had called him and told him that I would recommend the cancellation of that parade.

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