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The Synonym of - canister (noun)

Word Example of - canister

    Example Sentences for canister

    I have brought this canister of powder at his request; but he is nowhere to be seen.

    Those rascals must have fired nothing but langridge, or canister.

    Captain Hunter of Company F was wounded by a canister shot, in one of his legs near the knee-joint, and died shortly after.

    The shells and the grape and the canister and the bullets are smashing through them.

    The rasping of the cover, as he took it off, told her that he was examining the canister.

    The storm of canister caused them to waver a little, but that was all.

    Instantly at sight of them the nearest battery commander whirls his muzzles around to deluge them with canister.

    The other had a grape or canister (p. 328) sent through his ankle.

    Shrapnel, grape and canister whistled incessantly over their heads, and on either flank the thunder of the battle swelled rapidly.

    When it dies the canister may be removed and the contents examined.

Word Origin & History of - canister

    Word Origin & History

    canister late 15c., "basket," from L. canistrum "wicker basket" for bread, fruit, flowers, etc., from Gk. kanystron "basket made from reed," from kanna (see cane). It came to mean "metal receptacle" (1711) through influence of can (n.). With a sense of canister shot, it is attested from 1801.

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