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Word Example of - canker

    Example Sentences for canker

    This is a very strange way of showing your Respect, Mr. Canker.

    Beware of the little beginnings which 'eat as doth a canker.'

    But she remembered Joseph of Pella, the shepherd; even then his wholesomeness was not without its canker.

    This covetousness is like canker, that eats the iron place where it lives.

    What is everything, if there is a canker at the heart; what matters if hell goes on burning in our lives?

    No wonder, no wonder, that like a canker it had eaten into his heart.

    Their lives had suddenly come to flower; and there was no canker in any of the blossoms.

    She grew up unsullied by what was eating into me as a canker.

    By some thrush is believed to be but the commencement of canker.

    Archbishop Sands said: "This canker (usury) hath corrupted all England."

Word Origin & History of - canker

    Word Origin & History

    canker O.E. cancer, from L. cancer (see cancer); influenced in M.E. by O.N.Fr. cancre (Mod.Fr. chancre). The word was the common one for "cancer" until c.1700. Canker blossom is recorded from 1580s.

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