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What is a better word for canonic? What's another word for canonic? What are 5 "canonic synonyms"? How can I replace the word canonic? What is the meaning of canonic in English?

Word Example of - canonic

    Example Sentences for canonic

    I have already endeavored to explain the nature of canonic writing.

    It is, however, canonic by accident rather than in its original intention.

    One voice retained the Cantus firmus, the others were to be set to it in canonic or imitative mode.

    The element of canonic imitation occurs in his works in wholly new form.

    The term "canonic style" is sometimes applied to music in which the imitation is not exact.

    There are no canonic imitations, not the least trace of counterpoint, but plenty of consecutive fifths and octaves!

    Under the title of Canonic Epicurus delivers his philosophical views; they are, however, of a very superficial kind.

    Okeghem and his contemporaries completely explored the resources of canonic writing.

    They sought to accomplish their purpose by breaking the shackles of canonic law.

    The transition, with some canonic imitations and stimulating sequences, leads us to the second theme at measure 50.

Word Origin & History of - canonic

    Word Origin & History

    canonical early 15c., from M.L. canonicalis, from canonicus, from Gk. kanonikos (see canon). Earlier was canonial (early 13c.).