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Word Example of - cant

    Example Sentences for cant

    We digs our own water hole, and unfortunately we cant share it any.

    cant see why it would be dangerous for me to look amiable.

    I cant see anything but defeat and a second place on the ticket.

    To bleed is supposed, when so employed, to be a cant term of modern origin.

    Then its his maddening indifference that I cant forgive him.

    Cant has there no home, hypocrisy must be deep indeed to avoid exposure and punishment.

    He looked at her, Betsy says to me, as if he was sayin I cant stand that!

    He likes to stay up there, when it rains sot he cant go out.

    I hate the cant of the doctrine of Providence ‘your brother may be snatched by a merciful power from impending evil.’

    Whereabouts he was in the hills when he got rid of it, he cant tell.

Word Origin & History of - cant

    Word Origin & History

    cant "insincere talk," 1709, earlier, slang for "whining of beggars," (1560s), from O.N.Fr. canter "to sing, chant" from L. cantare, freq. of canere "to sing" (see chant). Sense in English developed after 1680 to mean the jargon of criminals and vagabonds, then applied contemptuously by any sect or school to the phraseology of its rival.

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