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Word Example of - capability

    Example Sentences for capability

    He seemed older, not in feature indeed, but in manner and capability.

    They do not change the nature of truth and her capability and destiny to benefit mankind.

    Some one said he would make a first rate stump speaker, and to prove his capability he commenced a political speech,—sad mishap!

    It was astonishing, his capacity for sleep and his capability in sleeping up to capacity.

    She felt what capability lay within her of rousing the man to new interests in life.

    My capability for affection has no bearing on the present question.

    You could have perfect freedom at the times when I am laid up, and we could seize my "capability seasons" for our talk.

    There were in them determination and tenacity of purpose as well as the capability of passion.

    Now, in a great measure, I owe my capability to perform this labor to my disregard of dainties.

    I think the capability of a soul to suffer at that time, must be beyond our comprehension.

Word Origin & History of - capability

    Word Origin & History

    capability 1610s, formed in English from capable + -ity. Capabilities "undeveloped faculty or property" is attested from 1778.

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