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Word Example of - capable

    Example Sentences for capable

    Vesta Philbrook would not have been capable of a vengeance so mean.

    I had been ready to marry the woman who was capable of that!

    Such a voice must be capable of producing the perfect vocal tone.

    It is a gentle creature, and capable of considerable cultivation.

    Neither of them demanded more of life than it was capable of.

    Then you are doing the highest and finest thing of which you are capable.

    It indicates what unbelievable illusions the sense of touch is capable of causing.

    What did God make you and me capable of anticipating the future for?

    The larva only exhibits slow movements, and is not capable of swimming about.

    They sang songs, told stories, cracked jokes, and enjoyed perhaps as much as the mere animal man is capable of enjoying.

Word Origin & History of - capable

    Word Origin & History

    capable 1561, from L.L. capabilis "receptive," used by theologians, from L. capax "able to hold much," adj. form of capere "to take, grasp, lay hold, catch, undertake, be large enough for, comprehend," from PIE *kap- "to grasp" (cf. Skt. kapati "two handfuls," Gk. kaptein "to swallow, gulp down," Lett. kampiu "seize," O.Ir. cacht "servant-girl," lit. "captive," Welsh caeth "captive, slave," Goth. haban "have, hold," O.E. hæft "handle," habban "to have, hold;" see have).