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Word Example of - capacious

    Example Sentences for capacious

    Still downward with capacious whirl they glide, And now I see them on a green-hill's side In breezy rest among the nodding stalks.

    It had been engulfed and disappeared in the Goodwins' capacious maw.

    Then he bestowed them in the capacious pockets of his fur pea-jacket.

    I hasten to reply with all the ardour of which I am capacious.

    The sacred and capacious vessel built by Noah for preservation against the flood.

    You can look at Mabel, and see all that is passing in my capacious bosom.

    There was a very handsome cut glass water-jug, full, standing on the table in a capacious salver of hammered brass.

    You may hear the water as it gurgles down his capacious throat.

    He fumbled in the capacious folds of his cloak for his papers.

    He was tearing away at the leaves, and filling his capacious stomach.

Word Origin & History of - capacious

    Word Origin & History

    capacious 1614, from L. capaci-, from capere "to take" (see capable).