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Word Example of - capacity

    Example Sentences for capacity

    A great portion of his strength lay in his capacity for deception.

    It was plain that her education in that capacity had not begun.

    It was numbers and mobility that determined flotilla types rather than armament or capacity for sea-endurance.

    The capacity of bodies to radiate and to absorb differ considerably.

    The more exalted the character and the soul, the greater is the capacity of love, and the deeper its fervor.

    He has to provide himself with the means of a livelihood, and this he did in some capacity at the theatre.

    The Telugu Kummaras were cooks under the ancient kings, and many of them still work in that capacity in Sūdra houses.

    Every thing is an object of Providence in proportion to its capacity.

    I commenced at exceedingly low prices, but raised these prices as I became more known in this capacity.

    Interest to the best of our Capacity and assure you with great fidelity.

Word Origin & History of - capacity

    Word Origin & History

    capacity 1480, from M.Fr. capacité, from L. capacitatem, from capax "able to hold much," from capere "to take" (see capable). Meaning "largest audience a place can hold" is 1908. Capacitate is recorded from 1657.

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