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Word Example of - caper

    Example Sentences for caper

    Caper's painting for the display was rejected for some reason.

    It was just a young people's caper, and he thought it rather amusing.

    She had dances for that mood also—she would laugh and caper as merrily as any young witch.

    Anybody who planned a caper would sure have to plan it well.

    So saying, Rollo began to caper about with delight, and then ran off to meet his uncle.

    All muffled up in brindled shawls, do caper, frisk, and spring?'

    How they did jump and caper about the canoe, and scream with the glee of young hearts stirred by a new sight!

    He says they cut some caper in the air Of which he's got his fill.

    They caper about the room, looking at everything, listening at the doors, looking up the chimney.

    Caper sauce, by adding capers; or, as a substitute, chopped gherkin.

Word Origin & History of - caper

    Word Origin & History

    caper 1580s, probably from It. capriolare "jump in the air" (see cab). Meaning "prank" is from 1840s; that of "crime" is from 1926. To cut capers is c.1600.

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