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Word Example of - capitulate

    Example Sentences for capitulate

    We had the bed of the river, from whence we could not inflict such losses as would compel the enemy to capitulate.

    "You must not capitulate with your Sovereign," said the Chancellor.

    She indeed would be forced to capitulate through starvation.

    It is a fortress that well besieged may capitulate like any other.

    This was immediately put into execution, and in twenty-four hours Mareschal Boufflers was fain to capitulate.

    Your attentions flatter her, and predispose her to capitulate.

    He laughed and said Rome would have to capitulate on many points before any idea of corporate reunion could be entertained.

    He compelled them to capitulate at Arecise, and to surrender Fernanbon.

    Thereupon the garrison, who were in desperate straits from hunger, offered to capitulate on terms of life and limb.

    It was determined to capitulate in the name of the whole colony.

Word Origin & History of - capitulate

    Word Origin & History

    capitulate 1580, "to draw up in chapters" (i.e., under "heads"), from M.L. capitulatus, pp. of capitulare "to draw up in heads or chapters, arrange conditions" (see capitulation). Often of terms of surrender, hence meaning "to yield on stipulated terms" (1689). Capitulated is from 1586; capitulating from 1654.

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