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Word Example of - capsule

    Example Sentences for capsule

    Capsule 2-celled, loculicidal, with each axile placenta bearing 2–10 flattish seeds.

    Parachute, capsule and timing device were of good workmanship.

    The softened mass is finally absorbed, and the walls of the cyst, or capsule around it, gradually collapse and form a cicatrix.

    This capsule will be lowered at the end of your opening address.

    Each of these cavities terminates in a fallopian tube, which opens into the capsule of an ovarium.

    Capsular: in the form of a capsule or little cup-like container.

    Innocent periosteal tumours retain the outer fibrous layer as a capsule.

    The capsule splits into four valves, something like a liverwort.

    The capsule opens explosively in dry weather, the operculum and spores being thrown to a distance.

    The capsule was on its back and Brandon was still strapped securely to the seat.

Word Origin & History of - capsule

    Word Origin & History

    capsule 1652, from Fr. capsule "a membranous sac," from L. capsula dim. of capsa "box, case, chest" (see case (2)). Medical sense is 1875; shortened form cap is from 1942. Sense in space capsule is first recorded 1954. Capsulize, of news, etc., is from 1950.

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