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Word Example of - capture

    Example Sentences for capture

    The triumph of the Castle was completed by the capture of Neilson and the Sheares.

    You may stay in here in this grave for the Yankees to find if they capture Morro as they say they will.

    The capture of the two was so easy that it suggested a farce.

    What it meant to him may be imagined—the failure of all their hopes—their capture and death!

    That wouldn't prevent them from trying to capture the golden skull, anyway.

    There was no doubt we could operate from this region, and secure the capture of the fugitives.

    In the Northern States the capture was greeted with great jubilation.

    We can now capture the men without the women knowing anything about it.

    The inquiry was the result of the capture by a submarine of a Uruguayan military commission bound for France.

    It was Hampden's activity that saved Reading from a second capture.

Word Origin & History of - capture

    Word Origin & History

    capture 1540s, from M.Fr. capture "a taking," from L. captura "a taking," from captus (see captive). The verb is 1795; in chess, checkers, etc., 1820.