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Word Example of - carapace

    Example Sentences for carapace

    It is also found on the carapace of crabs and Limulus, and on mollusks.

    At least three segments of the trunk are left uncovered by the carapace.

    Occasionally we were offered the carapace of a large turtle in lieu of a chair.

    The last four or five segments of the trunk are free from the carapace.

    The boys shouted repeatedly to warn Congo; though no reply came from the hollow interior of the carapace.

    The Monosphrida comprise all those Sphroidea in which the carapace is represented only by one single lattice-shell.

    The beak in front of the carapace is very prominent and spiny, and the long abdomen is narrower in front than in the middle.

    In Chelonia the ribs are generally combined with the carapace.

    They derive their name from the nature of the carapace, which is of a rounded form and very hard and strong.

    In these animals the body is compressed and the carapace is not hard.

Word Origin & History of - carapace

    Word Origin & History

    carapace 1836, from Fr. carapace "tortoise shell," from Port. carapaça, of uncertain origin, perhaps somehow from L. capa (see cape (1)).

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